Grandparenting Clause for Standard 1 Programs

TESL Ontario is pleased to provide this Grandparenting Clause for the recognition of the TESL Canada approved Standard 1 Certificate Programs.

The terms and conditions of the TESL Ontario Grandparenting Clause are as follows:

  1. The Grandparenting Clause remains open for two years: from April 2018 to March 2020.

  2. All existing TESL Canada approved Standard 1 Certificate Programs are eligible to apply for TESL Ontario accreditation through this Grandparenting Clause.

  3. TESL Ontario will not require any changes to the content and structure of the existing TESL Canada approved Standard 1 Programs.

  4. TESL Ontario will recognize the grandparented programs as “Canadian TESOL Training Program (CTESOL Training Program)” and will award them the “Canadian TESOL Training Program Certificate (CTESOL Training Program Certificate)”.

  5. TESL Ontario will post the title, location (city and province), and contact information of the grandparented programs on its website.

  6. TESL Ontario will not charge any application fees.

  7. TESL Ontario will not charge any fees for the initial accreditation of the grandparented programs.

  8. Initial accreditation of the grandparented programs will remain valid for one year from the date of approval.

  9. The annual renewal of program accreditation will be contingent on the submission of an annual report and an annual renewal fee of $350 (plus HST). Standard 1 Programs that have already renewed their TESL Canada accreditation to 2020, 2021, or 2022 will not be charged the TESL Ontario annual renewal fee until their existing renewal date, as applicable. Also, their first renewal report will be due on their existing renewal date, as applicable.

  10. The individuals teaching for the grandparented programs will automatically be grandparented (at no cost) so that they can continue teaching in the same program. The grandparented staff will not be granted the TESL Ontario TESL Trainer Certificate of Approval. If interested, these individuals will be required to submit their application package to TESL Ontario, meet the current TESL Trainer Approval requirements, and pay the applicable fees.

  11. All new hires and the grandparented staff who would like to move to another TESL Ontario accredited program will be required to hold the TESL Ontario TESL Trainer Certificate of Approval.

  12. TESL Ontario reserves the right to perform site visits to both TESL Ontario accredited programs and programs being considered for TESL Ontario accreditation.

  13. If an accredited program does not submit its annual report on or before the due date, its TESL Ontario accreditation will expire on the accreditation renewal due date shown on the program certificate, and the program will be taken off TESL Ontario’s website on the same date. To regain the TESL Ontario accreditation, the program will be required to apply for accreditation as a new program.

  14. Should TESL Ontario accreditation be granted to a program, any subsequent changes including, but not limited to, changes in address/location, ownership, staff, staff assignments, curriculum (training structure, course descriptions, course outlines, etc.), facilities, practicum locations, phone numbers, and email addresses must be forwarded to TESL Ontario for approval 30 calendar days in advance of any changes. Failure to do so may result in TESL Ontario accreditation being revoked.

  15. If an accredited program sets up another program in a new location, it is considered to be a new program and must apply for the TESL Ontario accreditation.

  16. If the ownership of an accredited program changes, the program is considered to be a new program and must apply for the TESL Ontario accreditation as a new program.

  17. TESL Ontario reserves the right to revoke its accreditation of a grandparented program if the program does not comply with the terms and conditions of the TESL Ontario Grandparenting Clause, as outlined in this document.

  18. Grandparented programs will be required to follow the TESL Ontario guidelines (TBA) regarding the use of the TESL Ontario logo and the statement/wording of the TESL Ontario program accreditation on their certificates of graduation, website, advertising material, and educational material.

Required Documents

The TESL Canada approved Standard 1 Programs that are interested in being grandparented into the TESL Ontario accreditation are required to submit the following documents to the TESL Ontario Office:

  1. Completed and signed Application Form A-15
  2. Original or authorized photocopy of valid TESL Canada Standard 1 Program Certificate
  3. (For private institutions) Original or authorized photocopy of valid certificate of registration
  4. Training curriculum, course descriptions, and course outlines
  5. Institutional policies such as policies for student appeals, student complaints, student evaluation, and withdrawal from the program
  6. (If applicable) A brief description of any external evaluation procedures performed on a regular basis
  7. A copy of each TESL instructor’s up-to-date resume outlining their university education and TESL certification, adult ESL teaching experience, TESL teaching experience, and other relevant qualifications and experiences
  8. Sample certificate of graduation
  9. A waiver notifying applicants that completing a CTESOL Training Program does not meet the TESL training requirement of the TESL Ontario Accreditation. To be eligible for the TESL Ontario Accreditation application, the CTESOL Training Program graduates are required to go through the second part of the training (a minimum of 180 hours) through a TESL Ontario accredited program. They should also meet the university degree and the English language proficiency (ELP) requirements of TESL Ontario accreditation. Each applicant must sign the waiver confirming that they have read and understood it.

Please mail or deliver to the TESL Ontario Office one hard copy of your application package as well as one electronic copy of the same application package in Word or PDF format on a USB flash drive. The TESL Ontario mailing address is

TESL Ontario
27 Carlton Street, Suite 405
Toronto Ontario M5B 1L2

Applications will be processed in a maximum of two months from the date all required documents are in order.

If you have any questions, please contact Reza Mazloom-Farzaghy, TESL Ontario Accreditation Services Manager, by email at or by phone at 416-593-4243, ext. 205.