Call For Research Participants

Research Project: Teaching Pragmatics to Newcomers to Canada

I am a Master's student at Brock University and I am looking for teachers to participate in a research project about teaching pragmatics. The participants should have recent experience (in the last 3 years) teaching in ELT, OSLT, or LINC at level 6 or above. The purpose of this research project is to investigate what supports teachers need to teach the socio-cultural aspects of meaning in language that are not conveyed by the grammatical forms alone, so that newcomers will have more opportunity to obtain and retain employment. We would like to learn more about what resources are available and lacking to support teachers’ practices. Should you choose to participate, you will be asked to take part in an email interview requiring approximately 45 minutes to complete.

If you are interested, please see the consent form for more information and email: Gwen Zeldenrust or