Keynote Speaker - Greg Kessler

Greg Kessler-Keynote SpeakerPreparing Teachers for the Future: Social Media and Intelligent Tools
Thursday, November 2nd @ 8:30 am




The emergence of social media and the participatory culture that it promotes has become ubiquitous throughout society. There are also numerous automated linguistic tools that provide feedback in varied and meaningful ways. Along with other trends such as crowdsourcing, data aggregation and the use of geo-location technologies, these developments create interesting and wholly unique opportunities for language teaching and learning. In many ways these emerging technologies and the social practices they support are changing the ways we communicate across society. The presenter suggests that these changes have been so dramatic (and are likely to be even more so in the future) that they warrant significant alterations to the way that we think about, create and utilize learning materials, activities and spaces. As language education professionals, we should be conscious of these developments and reflect on how they inform future authentic, engaging global language learning experiences.


Greg Kessler is Associate Professor of Instructional Technology in Educational Studies at Ohio University. He has published widely and delivered featured talks around the world. His research addresses technology, learning, and language use with an emphasis on teacher preparation. He is editor of the Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium (CALICO) book series, Advances in CALL Practice & Research, the Language Learning & Technology journal forum, Language Teaching & Technology, and many other comprehensive collections. At Ohio University, he is the chair of the Faculty Technology Advisory Group (FTAG). Otherwise, he is likely to be immersed in nature.