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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Are you tired of spending countless unpaid hours creating lesson plans and keeping portfolios for your students? Why not work for a company that provides the curriculum for you?

Are you sick of time wasted commuting back and forth from work? Would you enjoy working from the comfort of your own home? Or perhaps you're sick of being tied down and you'd like the opportunity to travel and take your teaching with you! Why not consider online teaching?

Come work for DaDa ABC! DaDa ABC provides individual online English lessons to students aged 4-16 years old in China.


• Quality lessons are provided for you, so there's no need to spend hours developing curriculum, although teachers are welcome to
supplement the lessons with their own ideas and props to make the experience more fun and student-centred. DaDa partners with Pearson-Longman, Highlights, National Geographic REACH and other content providers, so the lessons are high quality and enjoyable to teach.

• Regular students will be assigned to you, enabling you to develop wonderful relationships and witness student progress over time.

• The computer interface is easy to learn and even teachers with no previous online experience generally have no problem with it. The IT support staff, your coordinator and the teachers' Facebook group will be at your fingertips to support you along the way, answer your questions, and
provide some fun. We're a tight community and teacher satisfaction rates are very high with DaDa ABC.

• The starting salary is up to $25/hour Canadian and there's flexibility in the number of hours/days you wish to be available each week. Most weekday hours are from 6-9 p.m. Shanghai time (i.e. early morning in Canada). There are also weekend hours available.

If you're looking for a truly enjoyable one-on-one teaching situation with a reliable company that cares about its staff, please visit our website to learn more and apply.

Maybe 2018 is the year to try something new!

Duties & Responsibilities: 

• Deliver online English lessons to children ranging from 5-16 years old in China.


• Fluent English, both written and spoken
• BA degree or higher
• TEFL certification an asset, although DaDa ABC provides the opportunity to earn a TEOSOL certificate if you don't have one
• Laptop or or desktop with high-speed internet and audio/video capability (teachers wear a headset to deliver lessons, but you don't have to have
one to apply).

How to apply: 

Click on the link provided below to visit the DaDa ABC website. Learn more and apply if you're interested.

If you have preliminary questions, you can e-mail me, M. Peacock, but please do not send me your résumé as I am a teacher who is doing some recruiting, and I have no direct hiring authority.

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