20+ New Job Openings As We Expand In China

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Monday, February 4, 2019

Salary: 13,000 RMB - 16,000 RMB per month (Salary amounts include 1,000 accommodation allowance per month. With monthly project bonus amounts go up to 16,000 per month) NOTE: 16000 RMB = approx. $3100 CAD

Locations: Hangzhou, Shenyang, Chongqing, Linyi, Rizhao, Jinan

Want to start a new adventure on the other side of the world? We are looking for graduates to take on ESL positions in a number of different cities in China. Whether you have left university and would like to gain high-calibre international teaching experience, or would just like to travel and take on a new challenge, we can provide an opportunity of a lifetime. Our high-energy jobs will allow you to teach your native language in a welcoming environment, as well as offering you the unique experience of sampling a wealth of Eastern culture.

Come join our team! This year 80% of our teachers finished their contracts, renewed and continued with us. M.E.F. was established in Japan over 15 years ago and expanded to China a couple years ago. M.E.F. offers one of the best training systems, full teacher support and a full line of educational resources for teachers to use. Most importantly, we bridge the culture gap making it so that teachers have the best experience in China.

Benefits and incentives:

  • Free TEFL Certification Course
  • 2 weeks paid vacation every year during Chinese Spring Festival, 1 week paid vacation in October, all Chinese official holidays, and 2-4 weeks unpaid holidays
  • Choice of Free flight to China paid upfront OR 6,000 RMB bonus after 6 months
  • Processing Chinese Z Visa work permit
  • Airport pick up, arrival support
  • Up to one-week free hotel accommodation on arrival (until apartment is confirmed)
  • Healthcare Coverage: 80% of insurance companies coverage fees paid for
  • Up to 2,000 RMB reimbursement for Work Permit processing (case-by-case)
  • Up to 10,000 RMB Accommodation expenses Loan (cash advance for accommodation deposits, advanced months and other accommodation fees)
  • Organized social events
  • Up to 1500 RMB per month offered for marketing support projects
  • Up to 3000 RMB per month for M.E.F trainers (M.E.F Sponsored on M.E.F. training months if Party B is officially requested to handle the full training for new teacher(s), and other head-teacher type responsibilities)
  • Paid Transportation to and from places of work (When required to be at more than one location)
  • Full training Support System
  • Free Chinese Language exchange partner program
  • City/Country Rotation options for contract renewals
Duties & Responsibilities: 


  • Teaching kindergarten to primary aged children
  • Planning your lessons using our M.E.F. developed curriculum
  • Creating a fun and engaging lesson plan that will make students want to learn
  • Monitoring student progress
  • 5 days per week
  • Max. 30 teaching hours per week (Max. 40 hours onsite)

Two types of positions. (Applicants are able to give their preference)

  • Option1: Full time kindergarten. Monday to Friday, 4 to 6 teaching hours per day. Normally days are from 8:30 to 5:30 and children have naptime for at least 2 hours.
  • Option2: Different locations or inside a language school. These teachers work less hours (sometimes half the number of hours compared to full time kindergarten teachers, 5 days per week but not set Saturday/Sunday off. Usually they have a mix of classes (so not only kindergarten).

Necessary Skills:

  • Flexible, polite and culturally respectful and understand, easy going, cheerful and able to care and connect with children.
  • Full training: no experience necessary.
  • TESL/TEFL/TESOL Certification Required (support given for teachers without their certification)

Requirements (Note: requirements are strictly due to Chinese visa policies):

  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree (or higher)
  • Hold a passport one of the following countries: Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa
  • Clear Police Check
M.E.F. International (MEF China)
322 Silver Berry Rd. NW
Edmonton, AB T6T2A7
Other information: 

M.E.F. is a leading provider of ESL English teachers in China. We are dedicated to providing support to our network of teachers and are more than happy to answer any questions. If you would like to know more about this job, or find out about opportunities in our variety of locations across China, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: info@mefworld.com

How to apply: 

Visit www.mefworld.com/teachers
click the apply now button

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