Advanced Pedagogical Grammar

Provider: Canadian College of Educators 

Course Description: This course is designed for TESL Ontario Accredited Language Instructors seeking PTCT in teaching Advanced Grammar. Topics include: why teach grammar, what is advanced grammar, form and function, lexical categories, methodologies and strategies in pedagogical grammar, lesson planning, grammar within the Canadian Language Benchmarks, and instructional grammar resources. The course also includes a brief review of parts of speech, irregular verbs, verb tenses and a more in depth exploration of advanced grammatical structures such as the passive, causative verbs, conditionals, modals, sentence constituents, word order, complex sentences, nominals, alternations and subordinate clauses, while incorporating how to effectively teach these. You can start this course at any time.

Modality: Online
Duration: 30 hours
Site Location: Online

Contact: Carmen Valero 
Tel: 905-896-0000
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