Classroom-based Planning and Assessment Incorporating the CLB

Provider: Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks

Course Description: This 10 week on-line course is part of the Post-TESL Certificate Training (PTCT) for TESL Ontario. The course is designed for ESL teachers who want to increase their classroom planning and assessment skills in programs that use the CLB. The first part of the course will focus on the planning process and explore some of the key assumptions and implications of using the CLB for planning. The second part of the course will explore assessment for learning approaches and practices as they apply to the assessment of writing, speaking, listening and reading tasks. The course will include readings, short videos, reflection, discussions and partner activities. The final week of the course will provide an introduction to the use of portfolios.

Modality: Online (10 weeks)

Contact: Kathy Hughes
Tel.: (613) 230-7729 ext. 172
Course Webpage:  Course Webpage: (access provided after enrolment)