Teaching Pronunciation

Provider: Canadian College of Educators   

Course Description: This course is designed for TESL Ontario Accredited Language Instructors seeking PTCT in Teaching Pronunciation. Topics include: why teach pronunciation, linguistic systems, phonetic alphabets, consonants, vowels, stress, rhythm, intonation, linking, intrusion, elision, dissimilation, assimilation, unique features of North American pronunciation, Canadian accents and dialects, pronunciation problems common to specific languages groups, lesson planning, pronunciation within the Canadian Language Benchmarks, how to integrate pronunciation with other skills, using diagrams to demonstrate articulation, tips and practical classroom suggestions for teaching pronunciation, online resources and materials, recent studies on pronunciation and pedagogical research.You can start this course at any time.

Modality: Online
Duration: 30 hours
Site Location: Online

Contact: Carmen Valero 
Tel: 905-896-0000
Email:  info@canadiancollegeofeducators.ca
Course Webpage: http://canadiancollegeofeducators.ca/?page_id=113