Post TESL Certificate Training (PTCT)

What is PTCT? Post TESL Certificate Training (PTCT) is specialized training that enables instructors to further their knowledge and skills in high priority content areas.

Signing up for PTCT:   To learn about the admission requirements of PTCT courses and to sign up, you will need to contact the course providers directly or visit their websites. Please click on any of the PTCT courses listed below to see its description and the training provider's contact information.

TESL Ontario Certificate of Achievement:  PTCT course graduates who hold a valid TESL Ontario OCELT or CTESOL certificate are eligible for the TESL Ontario Certificate of Achievement. To receive this certificate, please email a scan of your PTCT course certificate to TESL Ontario at

Approved PTCT Courses

Click on a PTCT course name to see its description and the training provider's contact information:

Developing e-Materials for Language Training (LearnIT2teach Stage 4)
Provider: New Language Solutions Inc.

Online/Blended Language Training Using Moodle (Learn IT2teach Stage 3)
Provider: New Language Solutions Inc.