OCELT Reinstatement


TESL Ontario is only accepting online submissions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mail, courier, and in-person deliveries  cannot be received at this time.

Please submit a scan of your application form (and, if applicable, proof of PD) by email at accreditation@teslontario.org.

If your OCELT Certificate of Accreditation and Professional Designation has expired, you can have it reinstated at any time. Reinstatement applications are processed in a maximum of two weeks from the date of receipt.

Application Process Steps

  1. Print, fill out, and sign the Application Form A-4
  2. Fax, mail, or deliver the completed application form to the TESL Ontario Office
    Fax number: 416-593-0164
    Address: TESL Ontario, 27 Carlton Street, Suite 405, Toronto, Ontario, M5B 1L2

Professional Development (PD) Requirement
Once your application is received and reviewed, you will be notified by email if proof of professional development (PD) is required. You may also inquire about the PD requirement by phone at 416-593-4243, ext. 205 or by email at accreditation@teslontario.org before submitting your reinstatement application.

Fee and Method of Payment
For applicants whose membership and accreditation have lapsed, the reinstatement application fee is $319.79 (HST included). It includes a one-time administration fee of $141.25 and the annual accredited membership fee of $178.54.

For applicants who have maintained their TESL Ontario standard membership, the reinstatement fee includes a one-time administration fee of $141.25, which must be paid at the time of application, and a pro-rated accreditation fee (a maximum of $92.66) which is calculated and charged after the reinstatement application is received and reviewed.The pro-rated accreditation fee covers the period starting from the date the applicant's accreditation is reinstated to their existing membership renewal date.

The reinstatement application fee can be paid by cheque (payable to TESL Ontario), VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or cash (in person).

Application Approval
Once your application is approved, and your accredited membership status reinstated, you are awarded the following and notified by email:

•    TESL Ontario OCELT Certificate of Accreditation
•    OCELT professional designation
•    TESL Ontario ICTEAL certificate (ICTEAL stands for International Certificate in Teaching English as an Additional Language)

Please note! For operational reasons, TESL Ontario reserves the right to extend the application processing time, as necessary. TESL Ontario may request additional documentation beyond the requirements described above. All submitted documentation and information will be kept confidential. We strongly recommend that you keep photocopies of all submitted forms and documents for your own records. The requirements of the TESL Ontario Accreditation reinstatement may change without notice.

Questions? Please contact TESL Ontario at accreditation@teslontario.org or at 416-593-4243, Ext. 205.