OCELT Renewal


TESL Ontario is only accepting online submissions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mail, courier, and in-person deliveries  cannot be received at this time.

Please submit scans of your application form and supporting documents by email at accreditation@teslontario.org.

Accredited applicants will be required to mail or deliver to TESL Ontario the original supporting documents or their authorized photocopies once the TESL Ontario Office reopens.

Eligibility Standard

To be eligible for the annual renewal of your language instructor accreditation, you are required to do 10 hours of professional development (PD) activties during every accreditation year (by your accreditation expiry date) and keep the proof on file. You will be requested to submit your proof of PD to TESL Ontario only if  you are selected for PD audit and receive a PD Audit Notice.

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Annual Renewal Fee

The annual renewal fee is $158.00 (plus applicable taxes). This fee covers the annual renewal of your

  • TESL Ontario Accredited Membership;
  • OCELT Certificate of Accreditation and Professional Designation;
  • ICTEAL Certificate;
  • TESL Ontario Affiliate Chapter Membership; and
  • If applicable, TESL Trainer Certificate of Approval

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Application Steps

  1. TESL Ontario will send you a reminder email about a month before your renewal due date. Please review this email carefully as it may indicate that you are being audited to send us proof of PD.
  2. Go to the TESL Ontario website at http://www.teslontario.org/members/signup, fill out the online renewal application form, and submit it. Alternatively, you may print, fill out, and mail this form. To access the printable form, please go to http://www.teslontario.org/members/center .
  3. You will receive your renewed membership card and renewal approval letter in the mail within two to three weeks from the date of  your renewal application submission.
  4. You will then be able to access and print your renewed certificate through our online Registry. Please follow the instructions below.

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Accessing Renewed OCELT and ICTEAL Certificates

To receive and print a copy of your renewed TESL Ontario certificate, please log on to www.teslontario.org, and follow the instructions below to access your records and certificate:

  1. Click on " Registries".
  2. Click on "Instructors".
  3. Enter your membership number OR your last name, and click on "Search".
  4. Your name and location will appear on the screen. Click on "View Profile".
  5. Click on "Order Your Certificate". Enter your membership number again, and click on "Email my Certificate".
  6. A message will appear on the screen indicating that your certificate has been sent to you own email account.
  7. Go to your own email account. Save and print your renewed Certificate of Accreditation.

Please Note!
For operational reasons, TESL Ontario reserves the right to extend the application processing time, as necessary. TESL Ontario may request additional documentation beyond the requirements described above. All submitted documentation and information will be kept confidential. We strongly recommend that you keep photocopies of all submitted forms and documents for your own records. The requirements of the TESL Ontario Language Instructor Accreditation may change without notice. If you do not meet all of the requirements for accreditation, TESL Ontario will send you an email specifying the additional steps you need to take.

Any applicant who is denied the TESL Ontario accreditation/approval shall have the right to appeal the decision to the TESL Ontario Appeals Committee within three months from the date the decision has been made. Please be aware that the degree and English language proficiency (ELP) requirements of the TESL Ontario accreditation/ approval are "non-appealable" requisites. For details about filing an appeal, please go to http://www.teslontario.org/accreditation/appeal.

Questions? Please contact TESL Ontario by email at accreditation@teslontario.org or by phone at 416-593-4243, Ext. 205.