TESL Trainer/PTCT Instructor Approval Renewal/Reinstatement

Your TESL trainer/PTCT instructor approval is automatically renewed when you renew your TESL Ontario standard membership (annual fee $74) OR Language Instructor Accreditation (annual fee $154) every year. To access the renewal form, please visit our website at  www.teslontario.org/members/center. Additional forms or fees are not required for the renewal of TESL trainer/PTCT instructor approval.

If you let your standard membership expire, your TESL trainer/PTCT instructor approval will also lapse on your standard membership expiry date. However, as soon as you become a standard member of  TESL Ontario again or reinstate your language instructor accreditation, your TESL trainer/PTCT instructor approval will automatically be reinstated. No additional forms or fees are required for TESL trainer/PTCT instructor approval renewal or reinstatement.

Please note that you are not required to be accredited as a language instructor or renew your language instructor accreditation to apply for or renew your TESL trainer/PTCT instructor approval.

Any applicant who is denied the TESL Ontario accreditation/approval shall have the right to appeal the decision to the TESL Ontario Appeals Committee within three months from the date the decision has been made. Please be aware that the degree and English language proficiency (ELP) requirements of the TESL Ontario accreditation/ approval are "non-appealable" requisites. For details about filing an appeal, please go to www.teslontario.org/accreditation/appeal.

If you have any questions, please contact TESL Ontario by email at reza.mazloom@teslontario.org or at 416-593-4243, Ext. 205.