CLEO's latest resources

  1. CLEO's timely resource, "Not a Canadian citizen? Why you should think about applying now" is now available in English, Spanish and French.

    This publication highlights future changes to the rules about becoming a Canadian citizen. It explains why some permanent residents might want to apply before the changes take effect.

    These changes to the citizenship application process will take effect in June 2015 so we are hoping you will help to raise awareness within your community now by making this publication easily accessible to clients.

    You can order more copies of this publication in English, Spanish or French or download and print it in any of these languages from our website. (See below for ordering instructions).
  2. There is an updated version of the resource "Do you want to sponsor your family to join you in Canada?". This new version reflects the changes to the definition of dependent children and is available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Somali, Tamil and Urdu. It is also available to download, print or order.
  3. CLEO's latest online resource, Your Refugee Hearing lets refugee claimants take an online tour of a hearing room and gives practical information to help them prepare for their hearing. The information on this site is now available in English, French, Arabic and Chinese.

    Finally, please take a moment to review your stock of CLEO resources and order more as needed through our online ordering system at Just click on "Order Publications". You can also place an order by calling 416-408-4420 x 833. Remember that all of our resources are free and shipping is also free.