As you may have heard, TESOL International Association is planning a Summit on the
Future of the TESOL Profession. Before this event takes place in Athens, Greece,
TESOL is reaching out to its global community to help shape the face-to-face content.
While the Athens event is by invitation-only, we encourage you to register (for FREE)
Topics of conversation come from 12 respected and innovative thought leaders from
6 continents, whose ideas will challenge common misconceptions and will help re-
envision a future grounded in equity, inquiry, and professionalism. For 8-weeks, this
online community will grapple with several strategic conversation around four major
themes: Futurology, English in Multilingualism, Reimagining English Competence, and
The Profession as Change Agent.
The online conversations start this Thursday, 1 December. We strongly encourage you
to register as an online participant and be as active as possible