TESL Ontario Board Nominations and Elections

Each year the nominations committee carefully vet all board candidates through a robust nominating procedure. Each potential candidate will have two supporting members and the Nominations Committee review all supporting documents through a carefully developed Nominations Candidate Evaluation Matrix.

The nominations committee is a committee of the board and oversees the nominations process.  Last year’s election process saw an increase in board applications from the membership.  We are encouraged by this and support increased participation. 

Last year 570 members participated in the vote, representing approximately 12% of the membership.  This represents a downturn from past years, which the nominations committee would like to see improved.  Each of the successful candidates received greater than 40% of the popular vote.

This year the nominations committee would like to see the voter turnout improve to better than 15% of the membership.  The nominating committee are hoping that through this report, an increase in social media, and increased reminders, the elections can produce an improved result.

This fall, TESL Ontario will once again be holding its annual Board of Directors election.  Elected members will serve on the board and work on governance and strategic planning.  The nominations committee is encouraging all members with experience and an interest in governance to consider running or nominating a qualified candidate to sit for a three-year term on the board.  Each elected board member joins as a member at large.  The positions of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer are filled each year by the Board members.  This year, three positions are open for the 2016 election.

Elections – e-voting

  • TESL Ontario uses a company named Vote-now for online election
  • Ballot email is sent out by Vote-now to all members
  • Also Vote-now mails out ballot letters to members without email address
  • The ballot email contains a link to the profiles of the candidates posted on the TESL Ontario website and a link to the ballot
  • Members select maximum three candidates and submit their vote
  • Online voting is open for two weeks
  • The slate of Directors is presented at the AGM