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Welcome to the TESL Ontario Career Development Resource Centre. Here you will find articles on job search methods, interview skills, resume writing tips, career advancement advice and much more provided by our resident career expert.

TESL Ontario is excited to welcome our new Career Corner expert, Catherine Crawford.

As a certified Career Strategist, Resume Strategist and Psychometric Facilitator, Catherine Crawford has a unique set of knowledge, skills, abilities, and credentials that provides clients with a range of services related to their development. 

A professional with 10+ years of experience at McMaster University in Human Resources and across multiple sectors within the community. This coupled with marketing experience and event/project management, gives Catherine the knowledge to help people evaluate their careers and market themselves accordingly. She has also worked with many organizational teams to develop their highest potential.  

Catherine has served countless employees and teams across different sectors at every level. She is always working to gain trust and rapport with clients to establish a systematic plan of action to bring about their desired goals.    

We are very pleased that Catherine is now offering discounted career planning services to TESL Ontario members as an exclusive benefit. We invite you to contact Catherine directly by email ( or through her website.

Watch this page, as well as the TESL Ontario blog, for regular career planning and development resources, advice and support.

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