Registry of TESL Researchers

TESL Ontario is calling for interested members to join a Registry of TESL Researchers. Members of this registry will have the opportunity to contribute to a range of research related tasks and activities to support the mandate and strategic direction of the organization. In this context, research expertise involves the ability to systematically investigate specific questions or explore ideas that will inform the work of the organization and its members. Specific activities and tasks that draw on research expertise may involve the following:

  • Design and carry out research using tools such as surveys, interviews, focus groups
  • Review professional and research literature to identify trends and needs
  • Use a variety of approaches to analyze and interpret research data
  • Prepare and present research reports

These kinds of activities require knowledge of research methodology, experience designing research and familiarity with the context of TESL Ontario and its membership. A graduate degree in Applied Linguistics, Second Language Education or a related field and evidence of research experience are required as minimum evidence of this expertise. In order to help us fully consider the application, we ask that you write a brief response of no more than one page describing your research experience and how you believe you will be able to contribute your research expertise to the needs of TESL Ontario. Please complete the online application form and attach a current CV.


Part One: Requirements
Please make sure that you can check off ALL of the following before you submit an expression of interest.
Part Two: Contact Information
Please provide your full contact information below.
Part Three: Areas of Expertise
Please identify your areas of expertise below.
Part Four: Experience
Please describe your current and relevant research experience and activities and state how you believe you will be able to contribute your expertise as a researcher to support the needs of TESL Ontario. Please provide evidence of knowledge of research methodology and an understanding of the context of TESL Ontario and its members. [Maximum of 300 words]
Part Five: Interested Tasks
Below are examples of tasks and activities in which members on the Registry may be asked to participate. Please identify those that are of interest to you. Please note that certain tasks may require a doctoral degree.
Part Six: Upload CV
Please upload a copy of your CV below. The file should not exceed 2MB in size and should be in one of the following file formats: pdf, doc or docx.