ESL Week Contest Winners - Instructors Activities

Grand Prize

The Search for the Present Perfect
Barb Sawyers

Video Synopsis: I created this as part of my final project for my TESL Canada certification, after discovering during my practicum how many students were having big trouble with this. Plus I realized many grammar lessons, video included, are boring. Let's make learning fun. Although the present perfect is a tricky tense, learners can discover the secret by watching this short video, while dancing, or read the slides at their own pace at:

Runner Up: Blog Entry

Svetlana Lupasco

Blog Description:

I started my blog ‘Teach2LearnESL’ to break the ‘egg shell’ of my classroom and connect with the teachers just like me learning in the classroom, striving to become the best teachers for their learners in their own way, support each other for the best of the learners and share generously ideas, lesson plans, techniques and simply teaching aha moments. I felt in love with teacher development from the first day I joined a teacher training course. Blogging has become a way for me to reach out to teachers and contribute to professional development of Adult ESL community in Canada. As a language instructor passionate about teaching adult ESL learners with literacy needs I have talked about the importance and means of building confidence, using authentic tasks and blended learning, learning with technology, needs assessment, language skills, grammar, etc.

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Runner Up: Poetry Entry

Spider Web
Danielle Rychlo

Excerpt from Poetry Entry:

TESL graduate.

Fresh and ready to go.

Learning happens fast. Little bit of this school. Little bit of that.

With a contract here and a fill-in there. Day school Monday to Wednesday,

but Friday you`re a bat. I see what`s going on here.

I`m getting the big picture I see with my eight eyes. You can no longer keep it a surprise!


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