Connection, Community, Empowerment: Win-Win-Win

TESL Ontario is a supportive community empowering educational professionals to help English language learners to thrive. Within the operation of a not for profit agency (TESL Ontario), cost effective measures are sought to provide opportunities for enhancement of learner skills development. To that end, we look to the community for assistance. Through a connection with the Learning Enrichment Foundation(LEF) and its Enhanced Language Training Program with Project Management, we were able to find such a win-win opportunity.

As you may know, the Post TESL Certificate Training (PTCT) Framework project was released at the TESL Ontario Conference in October 2011. The framework provides guidelines for advanced professional training that allows TESL Ontario Accredited Instructors to go beyond initial TESL training and develop the knowledge and skills to meet the changing landscape of English as a Second Language training programs. PTCT implementation is well underway now. Currently, two Learning Enrichment Foundation ELT participants are working with the TESL Ontario web development team in the testing phase of the PTCT Web-based Administration System and gaining meaningful Canadian experience through their collaboration. This invaluable contribution of skilled newcomer volunteers' expertise brings the rollout of the PTCT Online Administration System much closer.

TESL Ontario has been finding innovative ways to fulfill its mandate by developing new projects such as the PTCT Framework, reaching out to the community language training settlement agencies such as LEF, supporting its membership, and helping Internationally Educated Professionals succeed in Canada.

About LEF: The Learning Enrichment Foundation (LEF) is a unique training and employment centre and has served the community of Weston Mt Dennis, as well, as the GTA for more than 30 years. Every day more than 1,100 families depend on LEF for the economic development opportunities it provides.