Renewing Existing Membership

Annual Renewal of Membership

TESL Ontario membership must be renewed annually in order to remain valid.

Your membership expiry date is incidated on your membership card.

Renewal Notices

As a part of our annual renewal process, TESL Ontario will email** up three renewal notices to members up for renewal.  

  1. The first renewal notice will be emailed approximately 6 weeks prior to the expiry date and will include detailed instructions about the renewal process.
  2. The second renewal notice will be emailed to outstanding members upon their expiry date, with information about the one-month grace period.
  3. A third and final reminder will be emailed to outstanding members upon the end of the one-month grace period, which is an extension of your renewal date to allow members extra time to complete your renewal without penalty.

Please note that any accredited membership renewals submitted after your grace period will be required to undergo a reinstatement process.

**If there is no email address on file, the renewal reminders will be mailed.

PD Audit (accredited members only)

Accredited members who have received notice that they have been selected as a part of our random PD audit process to provide proof of 10 hours of PD, must submit their proof of PD to TESL Ontario prior to submitting your renewal application. Any renewal payment received from audited members without proof of PD, will not be processed until proof of PD has been provided.

Renewal Fees

  • Standard Membership $74 + HST = $83.62
  • Student/Volunteer/Retiree Membership $48 + HST = 54.24
  • Accredited (OCELT) Membership $154 + HST = $174.02

How to Renew

Online: Renew online using our online membership renewal form,

By Mail: Print the printable membership renewal form and mail it with payment to the TESL Ontario office at 27 Carlton St., Toronto, ON M5B 1L2.