Mentoring Events

TESL Ontario Mentorship Pilot Program

TESL Ontario is excited to announce the second year of our Mentorship Program!

In a series of moderated virtual events, a group of seasoned TESL professionals from a variety of sectors within the field will be available to provide guidance, advice and best practices to newer educators in search of mentorship.

Mentors will be seated in virtual breakout rooms identified by individual program types. The group will meet as a whole for introductions and a guided discussion before being placed in the virtual breakout rooms identified in their registration for more in-depth Q&A opportunities and conversation.

Each Mentorship Event will last for one hour.

Roundtables and breakout rooms will feature mentors from LINC and Adult ESL, EAP, ELT/OSLT, Test Preparation Instruction and Standard Test Examination. Please note: available sectors may vary at individual Mentorship Events.

Mark your calendars! Our next Mentorship Event will take place on Wednesday, March 23 from 7:00 - 8:00 pm.

This event will feature an introductory presentation from TESL Ontario's Career Corner career specialist, Catherine Crawford.

Our mentors for our March 23 event include:

 Anita Hibbard                       Susan Webb
 Mount Royal University         ACHEV           

Emily Shepard                      Jennifer Jones
Standardized English           Thames Valley DSB
Test Examiner

Dr. MaryAnne John                Aida Aganagic
Seneca College, Sheridan    Seneca College, Mohawk
College and University of      College, York Region District
Toronto                                  School Board


Mostafa Hasrati, Ph.D.            
International Foundation        
University of Toronto

Mentorship Events are only open to TESL Ontario members.

We suggest that registrants come with questions prepared.