Filing an Appeal


Any individual or training provider who is denied the TESL Ontario accreditation/approval shall have the right to appeal the decision to the TESL Ontario Appeals Committee within three months from the date the decision has been made.

Please be aware that the university degree and English language proficiency (ELP) requirements of the TESL Ontario Adult ESL Teacher (OCELT and CTESOL) Accreditation and TESL/PTCT trainer approval are "non-appealable" requisites.

How to File an Appeal

  1. Print, complete, and sign  “Application Form A-10: Appeals”.

  2. Mail, fax, or deliver the completed form along with all supporting documents to Kevin Gamble, the TESL Ontario Office Manager.

Mailing address: Kevin Gamble, TESL Ontario Office Manager, TESL Ontario, 27 Carlton Street, Suite 405, Toronto, Ontario, M5B 1L2
Fax: 416-593-0164

Appeal Review Process

The completed application form and all supporting documents are reviewed by the TESL Ontario Appeals Committee in eight weeks from the date of receipt. The applicant may be asked to submit additional information or documentation before a decision is made. As soon as the committee reaches a decision, an official decision letter is emailed or mailed to the applicant. If the appeal is granted, TESL Ontario processes the accreditation/approval application immediately. If the appeal is rejected, the applicant may submit a new accreditation/approval application to TESL Ontario. Appeals Committee’s decisions are final.

Questions? If you have any questions about the TESL Ontario appeal application process, please contact us at or at 416-593-4243, ext. 205.