Canadian Language Benchmarks: ESL for Adult Literacy Learners

The Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks (CCLB) is pleased to announce the publication of Canadian Language Benchmarks: ESL for Adult Literacy Learners (ALL). It is a comprehensive document to support program administrators, curriculum developers and teachers in the instruction of English as a Second Language (ESL) to adult learners with limited or no literacy skills — as well as ESL learners who are literate in a non-Roman alphabet. The development of the document was funded by the Government of Manitoba and Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

CCLB is currently seeking project funding to trans-adapt the document into French.

Keeping the Settlement/Immigration/Refugee Sectors in the CLEO Loop

1. CLEO is pleased to announce the launch of a new publication:

Not a Canadian citizen? Why you should think about applying now (August 2014)
The laws about Canadian citizenship are changing. It will be harder to get and keep Canadian citizenship. Our new publication explains why some permanent residents may want to apply before the laws change and why it is important to get legal advice before deciding.

Call for Articles

Do you know an inspiring ESL teacher, do you have a wise ESL mentor, is there a teacher you always looked up to but have never had a chance to meet? Introduce interesting Ontario-based teachers to Contact readers through an interview.

Connection, Community, Empowerment: Win-Win-Win

TESL Ontario is a supportive community empowering educational professionals to help English language learners to thrive. Within the operation of a not for profit agency (TESL Ontario), cost effective measures are sought to provide opportunities for enhancement of learner skills development. To that end, we look to the community for assistance. Through a connection with the Learning Enrichment Foundation(LEF) and its Enhanced Language Training Program with Project Management, we were able to find such a win-win opportunity.