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Do you know an inspiring ESL teacher, do you have a wise ESL mentor, is there a teacher you always looked up to but have never had a chance to meet? Introduce interesting Ontario-based teachers to Contact readers through an interview.

Connection, Community, Empowerment: Win-Win-Win

TESL Ontario is a supportive community empowering educational professionals to help English language learners to thrive. Within the operation of a not for profit agency (TESL Ontario), cost effective measures are sought to provide opportunities for enhancement of learner skills development. To that end, we look to the community for assistance. Through a connection with the Learning Enrichment Foundation(LEF) and its Enhanced Language Training Program with Project Management, we were able to find such a win-win opportunity.

Barriers to Citizenship - How ESL teachers can help

Many newcomers hope to one day become Canadian citizens. One of the great benefits of citizenship status is the absolute right to enter and remain in Canada. As a Canadian citizen, you cannot be forced to leave Canada, unless you said something that was not true or left out information when you applied for Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status. Permanent residents, however, can be deported for a variety of reasons no matter how long they have lived here.