OCELT professional designation

TESL Ontario is thrilled to introduce the newly registered professional designation for all TESL Ontario accredited members in good standing called Ontario Certified English Language Teacher or OCELT.

The OCELT designation serves to: 

  • identify qualified language teachers with specialized knowledge and skills in Ontario;
  • acknowledge the professionalism, integrity and high quality language instruction of TESL Ontario certified teachers;
  • recognize the ongoing professional development of TESL Ontario certified teachers and their commitment to the TESL Ontario Code of Ethics; and
  • enhance the respect for the TESL profession.


Your OCELT designation can be used on your business cards, books and papers authored by you, handwritten, and email signatures, presentations and more.

Use your professional designation as often as you can, and let it become a common term in the TESL profession both in Canada and in international settings.

Click here to view or download the OCELT Information Guide. 


TESL Ontario started the Standards and Certification Project in 1994 and completed it on March 31, 2001. The mandate of this project was to ensure that the TESL profession in Ontario maintained a high quality of instruction and adult ESL teachers were provided with ample professional development opportunities on a regular basis.

The TESL Ontario Certificate of Accreditation has now become the industry norm in Ontario, and TESL Ontario certified teachers are being hired by both government-funded programs and private schools in Canada, and by international employers.

To enhance the recognition of TESL Ontario accreditation, in 2016, TESL Ontario began the process of applying for the professional designation OCELT (Ontario Certified English Language Teacher), which was granted in early 2017.