Welcome to the "Committees" section of the TESL Ontario website.

Our volunteer, member-run committees are the driving workforce behind many of our events and services. Without our committees, the visions and goals set at the Board level would never become a reality.

Each committee is made up of individuals with varied backgrounds and experience, from different teaching sectors and Affiliates. Each committee is composed of a chairperson and one or more members. The number of committee members is dependent on the type of planning and work the committee does. The scope and nature of the committee's work determine the membership composition of the committee. Each committee member commits to a 2-3 year term with a possibility of renewal for another 1-2 year term. Committee members must be able to commit to attending meetings in Toronto and to participating in telephone conference calls (as needed). The days and times of in-person meetings will be determined by committee members' availability. Members are often tasked with work that needs to be done between meetings and reported on. Members should also be well versed in Microsoft Word and e-mail applications.

Committees and their Terms of Reference

Each committee is guided by TESL Ontario's "Committee Terms of Reference"

Application to Serve on a TESL Ontario Committee

Members who would like to express their interest in volunteering for a TESL Ontario working committee are encouraged to submit the "Expression of Interest in Joining a TESL Ontario Committee" form.

Please note that different committees may have different application processes and requirements.