Language Teaching and Technology Part Three

Provider: Advance Consulting for Education Inc.

Course Description: The ACE Certificate in Language Teaching and Technology, Part Three focuses on how to teach language in a fully online modality, as opposed to a blended learning modality. The course consists of an orientation module, four methodology modules and eight practice teaching modules to be completed in 30 instructional hours. The methodology modules explore key online teaching methodological issues including: online student motivation and retention, promoting student collaboration and other student management challenges, delivering feedback and assessing students, and evaluating an online course. The practice teaching modules require participants to plan and deliver short online language lessons (synchronous or asynchronous) with real, volunteer students. Lessons focus on different language skills or language systems, using topics and language targets of the participant’s choice. For each practice teaching module participants submit: a lesson plan, a self-reflection report and student feedback. At the end of this course participants will be able to effectively and confidently plan and deliver online language lessons using a variety of technology tools and teaching techniques. The prerequisite for the course is the successful completion of the ACE Certificate in Language Teaching and Technology, Parts One and Two.

Modality: Online (a minimum of 30 hours over 12 weeks)
Site Location: N/A

Contact:  Dianne Tyers  
Tel: 416-884-2993 
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