Language Teaching and Technology - Part Two

Provider:  Advance Consulting for Education Inc. 

Course Description: The ACE Certificate in Language Teaching and Technology Part Two is a 35-hour of course for ESL teachers who want to continue to develop their technology skills as applied to language teaching.  Participants will start the course by evaluating research on the effectiveness of educational technology.  They will then complete tasks with additional technology tools including live presentation tools, collaboration tools, quiz and game tools and mobile tools. Finally, they will apply their understanding of the technology tools presented in the course to their teaching of the four language skills and the four language systems.  In order to enrol in the course participants must have successfully completed Part One. 

Modality: Online (a minimum of 35 hours over 12 weeks)
Site Location: N/A

Contact:  Dianne Tyers  
Tel: 416-884-2993 
Course Webpage: