Teaching English for Academic Purposes

Provider:  Advance Consulting for Education, INC

Course Description:  The ACE Certificate in Teaching English for Academic Purposes is designed for teachers who would like to learn how to prepare students for entry into an English-speaking higher education program, either at the college or the university level.  The course provides you with techniques for teaching the four language skills and the language systems as used in an academic context. Topics covered include teaching the Academic Word List, lecture listening and note taking, critical reading, critical thinking skills, essay writing, research and citation skills, academic honesty and other academic behaviours. The course requires a minimum of 26 hours of work, to be completed within 12 weeks.

Modality:  Online (26 hours over 12 weeks)
Site Location:  N/A

Contact:  Dianne Tyers
Course Webpagehttp://aceducation.ca/courses/the-ace-certificate-in-teaching-english-for-academic-purposes/