CTESOL Renewal

I. Introduction
CTESOL Certificate of Accreditation and Professional Designation is valid for 12 months from the date of approval. At the end of this period, the certificate holder is required to apply for CTESOL renewal if they would like to maintain their status. The renewal due date is recorded on the certificate. Also, TESL Ontario emails you a renewal reminder with detailed instructions approximately 6 weeks prior to your renewal due date.

II. Professional Development (PD) Requirement
To be eligible for CTESOL accreditation renewal, certificate holders are required to engage in at least 10 hours of PD activities per accreditation year (a period of 12 months starting from the CTESOL accreditation approval date).

III. PD Audit
Please be advised that 10% of renewals due in every given month are selected randomly and receive a PD Audit Notice approximately 6 weeks prior to their renewal due date. The selected individuals are required to submit (mail, fax, email, or deliver) their proof of PD to TESL Ontario by their renewal due date to be eligible for accreditation renewal. A one-month grace period is granted if the required PD is not submitted by the renewal due date. At the end of the grace period, CTESOL accreditation lapses if PD is still outstanding. For information on how to get expired CTESOL accreditation reinstated, please click here.

IV. Annual Renewal Fee
The CTESOL annual renewal fee is $178.54 (tax included) for TESL Ontario members, and $92.66 (tax included) for those holding membership with a TESL Organization other than TESL Ontario. The renewal fee is payable to TESL Ontario and can be paid by personal cheque, credit card, or cash (in person). This fee is non-refundable.

V. Renewal Form and Application Process Steps

  1. Print and fill out the renewal form:
    If you hold valid membership with TESL Ontario, please click here to access the form.
    If you hold valid membership with a provincial TESL organization other than TESL Ontario, please click here to access the form. Proof of valid membership must accompany the renewal form.
  2. Fax, mail, or deliver the completed renewal form, and (as applicable) proof of PD and proof of valid membership to the TESL Ontario Office:
       Fax number: 416-593-0164
       Address: TESL Ontario, 27 Carlton Street, Suite 405, Toronto, Ontario, M5B 1L2

  3. Once your application is reviewed and approved, your renewed CTESOL Certificate of Accreditation and Professional Designation and the renewal approval letter are issued and mailed to your address. The review process takes about 2-4 weeks from the date the application is received.

Please note:
For operational reasons, TESL Ontario reserves the right to extend the application processing time, as necessary. TESL Ontario may request additional documentation beyond the requirements described above. All submitted documentation and information will be kept confidential. We strongly recommend that you keep photocopies of all submitted forms and documents for your own records. The requirements of CTESOL accreditation renewal may change without notice.

Questions? Please contact TESL Ontario at accreditation@teslontario.org or at 416-593-4243, Ext. 205.