TESL Dialogue Sessions

TESL Dialogue Sessions

The TESL Dialogue series is an open forum where participants are free to turn on their microphones and cameras to fully immerse in a discussion about a relevant topic in ELT. A subject-matter-expert joins participants in this session to help guide the conversation and offer helpful insight when needed.

Format: Throughout the session the moderator will provide the audience with a thought-provoking question to encourage conversation. After the subject matter expert responds to the question, participants are invited to answer the questions themselves, provide a comment or example, or ask a related question to the subject matter expert and their peers. The goal of this session is to develop a community of practice which allows for as many narratives to be heard and shared as possible. The session will conclude with a breakout room reflection activity where participants are encouraged to discuss what they have learned, any remaining questions they have, and their next steps in respect to the session topic.

Upcoming TESL Dialogue Sessions

February 23

Best Practices for Teaching Literacy/Low Level ELLs


Access to TESL Dialogue Sessions

  • TESL Dialogue Sessions are open to TESL Ontario members only, as a FREE benefit of membership.
  • TESL Dialogue sessions are hosted on Zoom meeting.
  • TESL Dialogue sessions are limited to 60 registrants. Once the limit is reached, registration will close. Please be considerate of others; before registering, be sure you can attend.
  • PD certificates for 1.5 hours will be emailed within 5 business days of the event.

Please note that these sessions are not hosted within Tutela.ca, and registration is different from webinar registration.


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TESL Dialogue: Best Practices for Teaching Literacy/Low Level ELLs

When: Tuesday, February 23, 2021 7:00 pm - 8:30 pmBest Practices for Teaching Literacy/Low Level ELLs

Subject-Matter Expert: Sheila Nicholas, OCELT

Session Description:

Teaching literacy/low level ELLs requires special attention to affective factors, history of schooling and language skills in the L1. However, educators of this population know that much more than this goes into cultivating a positive learning environment for this demographic. With many ELT programs resorting to online and/or hybrid learning, teaching literacy/low level ELLs has become much more complex. What are some ways to get around this technological hurdle? What activities/apps/online tools have you found work well this population? Where can you turn to for support? What activities do your students enjoy the most, given the current situation?

Our facilitator, Sheila, will guide this discussion by encouraging audience members to voice their triumphs and frustrations. As a community of practice, attendees and the subject-matter expert will discuss ways to overcome or cope with the difficulties of teaching literacy/ow level students during COVID 19. As always, attendees are invited to turn on their webcam and microphone to fully immerse themselves into this interactive session.

About the subject-matter expert:

Sheila Nicholas is a Program Manager for the Adult ESL and LINC Programs at Upper Grand District School Board. She has a passion for Literacy ESL and has kept current throughout the years by engaging in professional development on the topic, and networking with other Literacy educators.

Please Note: Session is limited to 60 participants. This is not a presentation, it is a guided discussion and as such will not contain presentation materials such as PowerPoint visuals. Please come to the session ready and willing to participate. If you are not comfortable speaking with peers in breakout rooms, this may not be the session for you.

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TESL Ontario continuously accepts proposals for TESL Dialogue subject-matter experts throughout the year. Proposals will be reviewed by the Dialogue team, and if approved the subject-matter expert will be contacted to make arrangements for scheduling the TESL Dialogue session.

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