TESL Dialogue Sessions

-TESL Dialogue Sessions

The TESL Dialogue series is an open forum where participants are free to turn on their microphones and cameras to fully immerse in a discussion about a relevant topic in ELT. A subject-matter-expert joins participants in this session to help guide the conversation and offer helpful insight when needed.

Format: Throughout the session the moderator will provide the audience with a thought-provoking question to encourage conversation. After the subject matter expert responds to the question, participants are invited to answer the questions themselves, provide a comment or example, or ask a related question to the subject matter expert and their peers. The goal of this session is to develop a community of practice which allows for as many narratives to be heard and shared as possible. The session will conclude with a breakout room reflection activity where participants are encouraged to discuss what they have learned, any remaining questions they have, and their next steps in respect to the session topic.


Upcoming TESL Dialogue Sessions

  June 3 Online Engagement Strategies for Adult Learners
  July 11 Cultivating a Culture of Academic Integrity


Access to TESL Dialogue Sessions

  • TESL Dialogue Sessions are open to TESL Ontario members only, as a FREE benefit of membership.
  • TESL Dialogue sessions are hosted on Zoom meeting.
  • TESL Dialogue sessions are limited to 80 registrants. Once the limit is reached, registration will close. Please be considerate of others; before registering, be sure you can attend.
  • PD certificates for 1.5 hours will be emailed within 5 business days of the event.

Please note that these sessions are not hosted within Tutela.ca, and registration is different from webinar registration.


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TESL Dialogue: Online Engagement Strategies for Adult Learners                     Online-Engagement

Subject-Matter Expert: Sylvia Fung, OCELT

When: Saturday, June 3, 3:00 - 4:30 pm EDT

Teaching Sectors: Adult ESL (credit), College/University (EAP), Continuing Education/Adult ESL (non-credit), OSLT/ELT, TESL trainers

Session Type: Teaching Best Practices 

Category: Instructional Design, Lesson Planning/Ideas, Online Teaching/Learning

Dialogue Description

How are adult learners different in the current situation coming out of the pandemic?

What are the ingredients to Learner-Centered Design?

How do we transform these ingredients into a great educational experience?

What are some online engagement strategies that you used for adult learners?

How do you assess whether your engagement strategy is successful?


How do adult learners learn differently online, and how do you keep them engaged in the virtual classroom? This session aims to explore practical strategies and innovative techniques to engage learners to deliver more satisfying learning experiences. Join us to learn from others as well as have an opportunity to share your ideas and suggestions.


About the Subject-Matter Expert

Sylvia Fung (she/her) has been teaching for over 20 years, and is currently an ESL instructor and teacher-trainer at Seneca College. She has an M.Ed. and was a school teacher for the Toronto District School Board and a corporate trainer. She enjoys teaching workplace communication skills, with special interests in pronunciation and sociocultural awareness.


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Note: TESL Dialogue sessions are only open to current TESL Ontario members.


This TESL Dialogue session was rescheduled from January 17th to July 11th. 

TESL Dialogue: Cultivating a Culture of Academic Integrity  
                      Cultivating a Culture of Academic Integrity

Subject-Matter Expert: Iryna Pavlova, OCELT & Laura Facciolo

When: Tuesday, July 11, 12:00 - 1:30 pm EDT

Teaching Sectors: All sectors

Session Type: Teaching Best Practices 

Participant Level: No previous knowledge required

Category: Academic Integrity

*Please note the early start time* 

Dialogue Description

What does equitable pedagogy mean to you? Do the values of equitable pedagogy intersect with the values of academic integrity? Can there ever be academic integrity without equity? Join our session to engage in a lively discussion of this topic.

In this session, participants will:
learn about the cultural dimensions of equitable academic integrity practices,
learn small-scale strategies for embedding academic integrity skills into their pedagogy,
be presented with hands-on resources that help promote a culture of academic integrity,
gain an understanding of why integrity matters beyond the classroom, and
learn about ongoing academic integrity challenges and what changes could be made to remove barriers and add support. 
About the Subject-Matter Experts
Iryna Pavlova (she/her) is a Second Language Education professional with over 20 years of teaching experience in the field of ESL. Originally, she comes from Ukraine, where she completed her undergraduate degree in English Language and Literature. Iryna also holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Waterloo and a Master of Education degree from OISE, University of Toronto. Over the years of her career, Iryna has taught general ESL classes, occupation-specific language classes, enhanced language training, employment preparation, business communication, as well as business and academic writing classes. Presently, Iryna works as the Academic Integrity Facilitator with the Academic Integrity Office at Sheridan College.
Laura Facciolo is a Learning Innovation Specialist at York University. She holds an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Pedagogy, and is currently working towards an MA in Cultural Studies and Critical Theory at McMaster University. In research and professional practice, her work centres on pedagogical care and holistic innovations. 

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Note: TESL Dialogue sessions are only open to current TESL Ontario members.


Want to Lead a Discussion?

TESL Ontario continuously accepts proposals for TESL Dialogue subject-matter experts throughout the year. Proposals will be reviewed by the Dialogue team, and if approved the subject-matter expert will be contacted to make arrangements for scheduling the TESL Dialogue session.

Visit our Become a Presenter webpage for more information.


TESL Dialogue Session Title Subject-Matter Expert Air Date
Grazzia Maria Mendoza Chirinos
Jacqueline Seijo, OCELT
James Papple, OCELT
Sheila Nicholas, OCELT
Livia Pataki, OCELT & Mitra Rabiee, OCELT
Alice Pivniceru
Chadia Mansour
Sharon Tjaden-Glass & Chadia Mansour
Alanna Carter
Livia Pataki & Mitra Rabiee
Sara Alexandre
Mohammad Falhasiri & Fatima Hasiri
Stephanie Leutner, OCELT
Gabriela Kleckova
Understanding Gender and Sexual Diversity Celeste Turner 15-Feb-22
Promoting Active Reading with Online Social Annotation Charity Davenport 12-Mar-22
Oral Corrective Feedback: Pedagogical Implications   Mohammad Falhasiri, OCELT 9-Apr-22
Music in the ESL Classroom Rachel Fourny, OCELT, OCT 10-May-22
Creating Engaging Lessons Online and In-Person Grazzia Maria Mendoza 18-June-22
The Leadership Pipeline of a Volunteer-Driven Language Teaching Association Dr. Okon Effiong 13-Aug-22
English-Medium Instruction Across Contexts Dr. Joyce Kling 10-Sept-22
Developing Language Proficiency in an L2 Context Miguel Carranza 12-Nov-22
Fostering Independent Learners Dr. Lynn Zimmerman 06-Dec-22
Poetry: From the Page to the Classroom 
Annie Altamirano
Online Learning From a Learner’s Point of View Ellen Park, OCELT 07-Mar-23
PFL to 4L: What Does the L Really Mean? Let's Talk Literacy! Dana Augustino, OCELT & Sam Banks, OCELT 04-Apr-23
Artificial Intelligence Chat and Us John Allan, OCELT 24-May-23


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