TESL Exchange Video Series

TESL Exchange

Are you ready to be the next YouTube sensation, at least amongst your fellow language training professionals? We’re looking for members like YOU to share your expertise on a topic of your choosing. You will of course have the Exchange team working alongside you, giving you training, support, and encouragement.

The aim of TESL Exchange is to provide a bank of short videos (5 – 15 mins) for our members. We encourage you to consider working with the Exchange team to create a video. Here are some suggested topics:

  • Your favourite teaching gems of tried-and-true lesson ideas,
  • Technology that has increased student engagement for you,
  • Technology that helps you work more efficiently,
  • Any time-saving tips, which are always appreciated.

By definition, an exchange is ‘an act of giving one thing and receiving another’.

What are we asking you to give?

  • Your time, knowledge, and effort, to work with the Exchange team to produce a video, focusing on one key idea or concept of your choice.

What do we expect that you’ll receive?

  • An Exchange team moderator available to consult with when preparing content.
  • Training and support throughout the preparation and recording process.
  • An Exchange team moderator to facilitate the recording session.
  • Available equipment for loan - headset/mic/webcam - if required.
  • An opportunity to review the edited video before its uploaded to the TESL Ontario YouTube channel. Video editing will be carried out by an Exchange team member.
  • The opportunity to gain experience and training using webinar recording technology, without the stress of a live audience.
  • Recognition for your efforts through our promotion of the video on social media and member emails.
  • A new experience and skill set to add to your resumé.
  • A certificate of professional development for 3 hours.

Are you interested? If so, click HERE to submit your proposal now.

TESL Ontario accepts proposals for TESL Exchange videos continuously throughout the year. Proposals will be reviewed by the Exchange team, and if approved the presenter will be contacted to make arrangements for the development of the TESL Exchange video.