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Tutela Online Community

What is Tutela and why do I need to join Tutela to access TESL Ontario webinars?

Tutela is a free national online repository and community for Canadian language training professionals. It offers free online meeting and webinar platform services to its members.

As TESL Ontario is a not-for-profit organization, we continually look for the most cost effective solutions for our initiatives. We use Tutela for our webinar series as it saves the organization a significant amount of money. Using Tutela also helps us support and contribute to its online community in a meaningful way. 

Tutela requires a login and password to access its features.

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Getting Started

I’m new to TESL Ontario webinars. How do I begin?

  1. Join Tutela.ca
  2. Become a member of the TESL Ontario group
  3. Click on the Events & Webinars tab (white text on black background) and select which webinars you want to attend

How do I join Tutela?

  1. Go to Tutela.ca and click on Register Now
  2. Complete the registration and click Register
  3. Allow 2-3 business days for approval

How do I join the TESL Ontario webinar group?

  1. Login to Tutela.ca
  2. Click on the Groups tab
  3. Click on the TESL Ontario group title
  4. Click on  Request to Join Group
  5. Allow up to 24 hours for approval

I think I joined the TESL Ontario group but now can’t seem to access it

  1. Login into Tutela.ca
  2. Under My Areas in the left toolbar, click on Groups
  3. If you are a member of the TESL Ontario group, it will show under Groups
  4. If it doesn’t show there, you may have created more than one Tutela ID
  5. If so, contact webinar@teslontario.org for help

Where can I find information about upcoming webinars?

  • At the Upcoming Webinars section of the TESL Ontario website
  • Under Events & Webinars (white text on black background) in the TESL Ontario group on Tutela
  • In the monthly Upcoming Webinars email sent to all active TESL Ontario members
  • By following TESL Ontario on Twitter (@TESLOntario), Facebook or LinkedIn

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Why should I pre-register for a live webinar?

It’s recommended as you’ll then receive email reminders, notice of any changes or special instructions, and post-webinar information.

What happens if I don’t pre-register?

Pre-registration is not mandatory. However, by not pre-registering (1) you will not receive reminders, change notices, or preparation instructions before the webinar, (2) you will not receive any post webinar notices of materials or opportunity to give input using our survey.

How do I pre-register?

  1. Under My Areas in the left toolbar on Tutela, click on Groups, then TESL Ontario
  2. Click on Events & Webinars (white text on black background)
  3. Click on the title of the webinar you want to attend
  4. Click on Register and it will change to Registered
  5. You’ll see your name added to Other Members Registered

I’ve pre-registered but now I can’t go. What do I do?

  1. Under My Areas in the left navigation bar on Tutela, click on Groups, then TESL Ontario
  2. Click on Events & Webinars (white text on black background)
  3. Click on the title of the webinar you had registered for
  4. Hover over Registered and it will change to Unregistered. Click to remove your registration

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Accessing Live Webinars

How do I access a live webinar?

  1. Under My Areas in the left navigation bar on Tutela, click on Events & Webinars for a list of the webinars you’ve registered for
  2. Click on the webinar title
  3. Click on Join meeting (up to 1 hr prior to start time) and in audio options, select Listen Only

I don’t have a headset / mic - can I still participate in a webinar?

  • If you are listening without a headset, your computer must have built-in speakers. Select Listen Only in the audio options box
  • The moderator mutes the participants’ microphones to avoid background noise; only the presenter and moderator are able to speak
  • Participants use the live chat feature by typing their questions and comments

Is there a preferred browser I should be using?

Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are the browsers recommended by BigBlueButton, the platform used by Tutela.

Can I participate in a webinar with my tablet?

You can only use a tablet or ipad for webinar participation if it has a way to support Java/Flash.  There are a number of apps that can be downloaded for this purpose.

Where do I find handouts/instructions from the presenter?

  • Any handouts, informational materials, or downloading instructions will be posted at the bottom of the Events listing for the webinar in Tutela.

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Professional Development Hours/Certificates

How many PD credits will I receive for live or recorded webinars?

  • Members who attend a live webinar, or watch a recorded one, receive one (1) PD hour for each webinar
  • Presenters receive five (5) PD hours for each webinar

How/when will I get my PD certificate?

  • For live webinars, a PD certificate is emailed to each participant within one week
  • For recorded webinars, a certificate is not issued. Use the webinar tracking log to record your PD hours from viewing webinar videos. See the instructions at the archived videos webpage.
  • For presenters, a PD certificate is emailed within one week

I’ve been audited for proof of PD, but can’t find my webinar PD certificates. What can I do?

Contact TESL Ontario at administration@teslontario.org and provide a list of the live webinars you attended.

A TESL Ontario staff member will verify your information and notifiy the accreditation department of your completed PD hours.

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After the Webinar

I have some questions for the presenter. Is there a way to contact the presenter?

  • Before the webinar, any presenter’s contact information is below the bio in the event listing under the Events & Webinars tab in the TESL Ontario group

I signed up but missed the webinar. What now?

All TESL Ontario webinars are recorded and videos are posted to the event listing within one week of the live webinar.

Under Events and Webinars tab in the TESL Ontario group select Past Events from the drop down box, click on the webinar that interesets you.

How do I find the video recording of the webinars I missed?

Under Events and Webinars tab in the TESL Ontario group select Past Events from the drop down box, click on the webinar that interests you.

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Being a Presenter

What qualifications do I need to become a webinar presenter?

  • You don’t need any prior experience with webinar presenting
  • The team will be there to help you every step of the way: drafting your description, deciding on slides, pacing your presentation. You’ll have the support you need.
  • You’ll be paired with a moderator, who will work closely with you until you feel comfortable with the webinar platform.
  • You’ll also receive feedback from the webinar survey, to help you reflect on the experience. 

How many PD hours do I get for presenting?

Webinar presenters receive a certificate for 5 hours of professional development.

Who do I contact if I’m interested in presenting a webinar?

Contact the Webinar Development Manager at webinarpresentations@teslontario.org

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Contacting the Webinar Team

How can I give feedback or suggest a webinar topic?

  • General feedback or feedback regarding recorded webinars can be directed to the webinar team at:  webinar@teslontario.org
  • Feedback on a specific webinar should be provided in the post webinar survey emailed to all registered webinar participants after a live webinar

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