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Webinar Title Presenter(s) Original Air Date
New Teacher Tool Kit Rachel Fourny, OCELT 24-Aug-23
Dynamic Assessment in Language Learning Dr. Mohammad Rahimi, OCELT 16-Aug-23
EAP Practitioners in Canada James Corcoran, OCELT, Julia Williams, OCELT, & Kris Johnston 26-Jul-23
Commonlit to Hone Reading, Listening, and Writing Skills Gonul Turkdogan, OCELT & Dr. Laureta Vavla, OCELT 28-Jun-23
Using Images for Speaking and Writing Activities Dr. Lynn Zimmerman 21-Jun-23
Now And Later: Tools For Pre-Arrival Assessment Christina Wade & Lorena Chatwell 31-May-23
Cultivating Trauma-Informed Spaces in Education Nicole Johnson 17-May-23
Working With Adult ELL Students With Undiagnosed Learning Disabilities Dr. Cheryl Duquette 26-Apr-23
Having Fun and Teaching IELTS Reading Dr. Mehdi Khodaparast 23-Apr-23
ChatGPT: Beyond Challenges and Opportunities John Allan, OCELT 20-Apr-23
ChatGPT in Language Teaching: Challenges and Opportunities John Allan, OCELT 28-Mar-23
Lifting Poetry Off the Page Annie Altamirano 26-Mar-23
From Task-Based to Action-Oriented Listening  Dr. Yuliya Desyatova, OCELT & Cheryl Fretz, OCELT 22-Mar-23
Elevate Your Game Through Communities of Practice Hind Elyas 25-Feb-23
Multi-Sensory Learning in an Online Context  Jessica Leslie 22-Feb-23
Google Forms and Assessments Shabana Shahzad 22-Jan-23
Taking Aim for Meaningful Research Results Dr. Gordon Moulden 19-Jan-23
Apps for English Language Teaching and Learning  Grazzia Maria Mendoza 24-Nov-22
Designing Visually Successful Materials for Learners Gabriela Kleckova 20-Nov-22
Lessons Learned: Teaching About Racism in the ESL Classroom Wales Wong 28-Sept-22
Job Skills for Instructors Anjum Karimi, OCELT 31-Aug-22
Playing to Learn: Games in the ESL Classroom Rachel Fourny, OCELT 25-Aug-22
Using Avenue.ca - Learner Reflection Tools Kevin Wang, OCELT 27-July-22
Five Research-Informed Best Practices for Remote/Online EAP Dr. Karen Englander & Bruce Russell 20-July-22
Developing Intercultural Competence in the Virtual Classroom Paramita Dutta, OCELT, PhD 22-June-22
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources on Tutela Diane Ramanathan, OCELT 15-June-22
Vicarious Trauma in English-Language Teaching Panel: Allyson Eamer et al 7-June-22
Assessment for Learning: the Road to Improvement Annie Altamirano 29-May-22
Understanding Gender and Sexual Diversity Celeste Turner 18-May-22
Differentiated Instruction - Myth and Reality Annie Altamirano 24-Apr-22
You Think It’s Ungrammatical, but It Just Ain’t So   Brett Reynolds 20- Apr-22
Vocabulary for CLB 1-4 Brett Reynolds 27-Mar-22
Extensive and Intensive Reading Resources Gonul Turkdogan, OCELT 24-Mar-22
The Effectiveness of using AWE in Second Language Writing Ameni Benali, OCELT 23-Feb-22
Career Bootcamp: Networking 2.0 – LinkedIn Katina Deischel 16-Feb-22
H5P Power Tools John Allan 30-Jan-22
Creating Assessments for Avenue.ca Kevin Wang 19-Jan-22
Using Toastmasters™ Techniques to Improve Verbal Fluency Jennifer Artan 21-Nov-21
Who Owns English? Ending Native-Speakerism Kathryn Brillinger, Nasreen Sultan & Laura Stoutenburg 27-Oct-21
A Low (to No) Tech Approach to Corpus Analysis Julia Williams 20-Oct-21
Bringing Mindfulness to the ESL Classroom Andreia Arai-Rissman 30-Sep-21
Newcomers in Nature Kaitlyn Quigley 22-Sep-21
Career Bootcamp: Learn the ABCs of Successful Interviewing Katina Deichsel 25-Aug-21
Teaching Productive Skills to ELLs – Exploring Bubbl.us, Flipgrid and Google Docs Livia Pataki & Doina Nugent 22-Aug-21
Language and Gender Representation in Language Classrooms Julie Dawson & Stephanie Kinzie 15-Aug-21
Career Bootcamp: Writing Rousing Resumes Katina Deichsel 28-July-21
Teaching Reading and Vocabulary to ELLs - Exploring Quizlet and CommonLit Livia Pataki & Doina Nugent 25-July-21
How to Jumpstart a Successful ESL Teaching Career Heather Donnelly 22-July-21
Teaching Pragmatics Mehdi Khodaparast 27-June-21
Crafting Captivating Cover Letters: Standing Out is Easy! Katina Deichsel 23-June-21
Get it Write. Successfully Teaching and Assessing Writing Online – Part 3: Assessing Writing in Higher Education in Online Environments Lavaughn John 26-May-21
Music in the ESL Classroom Rachel Fourny 19-May-21
Mental Health, Self-care, and Teacher Wellness – a Panel Discussion Anjum Karimi, Patrice Palmer, Teresa Kinney 16-May-21
Get it Write. Successfully Teaching and Assessing Writing Online – Part 2: College and University Lavaughn John 28-Apr-21
Using and Licensing Open Educational Resources (OERs) - Part 2 Shahla Noor Al-Deen 18-Apr-21
Online TESL Resources Rachel Fourny 31-Mar-21
DOING IT DIGITALLY! Let's Talk About Literacy  Kathleen Guerini, Dana Augustino, Linda Condello, Samantha Banks 25-Mar-21
Student-Centred Games & Activities Sara Alexandre 21-Mar-21
Using and Licensing Open Educational Resources (OERs) - Part One  Shahla Noor Al-Deen 28-Feb-21
Get it Write. Successfully Teaching and Assessing Writing Online – Part 1: High School Lavaughn John 24-Feb-21
Google Classroom for Beginners Shabana Shahzad 27-Jan-21
EdTech for ELT Professionals - a Panel Discussion Jim Edgar, Emily Cameron, Patrick Chan 20-Jan-21
How Public Libraries Can Support You and Your Learners
Tamsin Cobb
Memory Maps - a Task-Based Language Learning Activity Leanna Turner 13-Dec-20
Teaching Literacy to English Language Learners Alexis Manuel & Emily Castle-Dunn 6-Dec-20
Copyright for ESL Professionals Mélanie Brunet 25-Nov-20
The Importance of Extensive Reading in Language Learning Gonul Turkdogan 18-Nov-20
MS Teams Tutorial for Teachers Marlaina Riggio 28-Oct-20
Incorporating the Arts in the EAP Classroom Mahgol Izadi 18-Oct-20
Task-Based Language Teaching: From Tasks and Beyond Leo Gomez & Michael Landry 27-Sept-20
Google Classroom – a Panel Discussion Jen Artan, Rabia Rashid, & Shabana Shahzad 20-Sept-20
Energize Online Classes With Virtual Experiences John Allan 16-Sept-20
Canada Isn't Racist, eh? Let's Discuss Kattawe Henry 10-Sept-20
Using Sociodramatic Play in ESL Development Fernanda Batista 30-Aug-20
Strategic Team-Building Exercises for a Virtual and F2F Classroom Jen Artan 30-Aug-20
Crossing the "Rubricon" - Designing and Using Effective Rubrics Donna Pearce & Eldon Friesen 19-Aug-20
Online Tools for Teaching English Language Learners Emily Castle-Dunn 05-Aug-20
Creating Digital Classes Using Google Classroom Rabia Rashid 26-Jul-20
Horticultural Therapy in ESL Lesson Planning Christina Klein 18-Jul-20
English and Nature - Making Your Classroom Fly Nancy Pancheshan 18-Jul-20
Reading and Presenting Circles Sherry Hejazi 16-Jul-20
Mindfulness - An Approach to Relaxation Anjum Karimi 21-Jun-20
Catherine (Kate) Maven 21-Jun-20

MINI-TOSCON: Intercultural and Plurilingual Language Teaching: What, Why, and How

Alanna Carter & Rebecca Schmor 06-Jun-20
MINI-TOSCON: Overcoming Learners' Affective Barriers with Asynchronous Information Communication Technology Katina Deichsel 06-Jun-20
Accessibility in Language Teaching Anna Bartosik 02-Jun-20
Free Online Learning Platforms 2020: A Critical Look at What's Available Jen Artan 31-May-20
Teaching Green Real-World Tasks in the ESL Classroom Rajpreet Lotay 24-May-20
Mentoring Student Teachers - Fostering Instructional Development Sharmaine Itwaru 29-Apr-20
What's New in the Best Practices Directory in 2020 ** Juilanne Burgess 23-Apr-20
Virtual Teamwork - How Professionals Can Work as a Team Remotely Tamsin Cobb 16-Apr-20
Educational Technology 2020 - What Works for Adult Language Learning Classrooms ** Jen Artan 13-Apr-20
Best Practices in Pronunciation Teaching ** Simona Sunara 07-Apr-20
Teacher Self-Care in Times of Change, Stress, and Uncertainty Patrice Palmer 05-Apr-20
The BlendSync Approach to Teaching ESL: Pedagogy and Technology Dmitri Priven & Donald Moen 26-Mar-20
A Consideration of Intercultural Curricula Alanna Carter 22-Mar-20
Coping with COVID-19 Using Online Instruction John Allan 15-Mar-20
Using ESL Students as Instructional Resources Mostafa Hasrati 23-Feb-20
Slipping in Slang David Burke 19-Feb-20
Promoting Plurilingualism Through the LINCDIRE Project Andre Scholze 26-Jan-20
All of the Above? Examining Multiple-Choice Questions Beverly Baker & Marie Gravran 19-Dec-19
Teacher Development Workshop for Technology-Enhanced Learning John Allan 12-Dec-19
Action Research: Foundations of Qualitative Research, Part 2 Mostafa Hasrati 24-Nov-19
Intercultural Fluency in LINC Classrooms: Teacher Training and PBLA Sandhya Ghai 20-Nov-19
Dealing With Multi-Level ESL/EFL Classes Maria Glass 23-Oct-19
Action Research: Foundations of Qualitative Research, Part 1 Mostafa Hasrati 20-Oct-19
Using Socrative for Formative Assessments in the Classroom Afrouz Mobayen 29-Sep-19
Did You Get It?" Activities and Assessments for Bottom-Up Listening Mary Ritter 22-Sep-19
Reduce Writing Anxiety: Creative-Critical Thinking for Literacy Christine Boyko-Head 28-Aug-19
Using Google Sites for Scaffolding Writing Ruth Emode 22-Aug-19
Bridging the Cultural Gap Munjeera Jefford 31-Jul-19
Enhance Your Materials With H5P John Allan 17-Jul-19
Creating Assessments - Productive Vs. Receptive Skills ** Anna Bartosik 17-Jul-19
The Importance of Lesson Planning ** Jen Artan 14-Jul-19
Using Digital Backchannels in the English Learning Classroom ** Jen Artan 09-Jul-19
Improving Pronunciation Using Icebreakers, Warmups, and Short Activities Mary Ritter 27-Jun-19
When ESL Meets Escape Rooms Marlaina Riggio 20-Jun-19
Learning Tech Innovation in the Adult Settlement Language Training Sector Rob McBride 30-May-19
Timely Talk About Tobacco Annie Levitan & Joanne Mercer 15-May-19
What’s New in the Best Practices Directory in 2019 ** Julianne Burgess 30-Apr-19
Dealing With Multi-Level ESL/EFL Classes (Video not available) Maria Glass 24-Apr-19
Task-Based Language Teaching: Theory to Practice ** Leonardo Gomez & Michael Landry 31-Mar-19
Anywhere, Anytime, Anyway Learning: Blend-Sync ESL Classes Dmitri Priven & Donald Moen 24-Mar-19
Techy Writing Tasks for PBLA Thura Aljubury 17-Mar-19
Migration, Trauma, and Mental Illness: Implications for Language Learning Allyson Eamer 24-Feb-19
Teaching English with Blockchain Technology Andrew Wagner 19-Feb-19
Leadership: Does the Literature Match Up With the Classroom Experience? Sarah Langridge 27-Jan-19
Creating Digital Scavenger Hunts Nancy Van Dorp 20-Jan-19
Why Teachers Should Care About Self-Care Patrice Palmer 11-Dec-18
Project Based Learning 2018 - Approaches and Tools ** Jennifer Artan 20-Nov-18
Promoting Health in and Beyond the Classroom Annie Levitan & Aliya Desai 20-Nov-18
Planning the Use of Small Mobile Devices in your Adult Language Classroom ** Jennifer Artan 19-Nov-18
Communication Competency at Work: More Than Just Language Tuula Lindholm 18-Nov-18
Implementing PBLA: Did We Achieve What Was Intended? Yuliya Desyatova 24-Oct-18
Audio-Recorded Feedback for Second Language Writing Chadia Mansour 21-Oct-18
Padlet: More Practice & Fewer Headaches Aga Wolczuk & Maria Pop 12-Sept-18
Using Visuals to Support Language Learning Meredith McGregor 22-Aug-18
Technology Enhanced Personalized Learning for Adult Language Classrooms ** Jen Artan & Nancy VanDorp 16-Aug-18
Répertoire ontarien des pratiques exemplaires en matière de formation linguistique (FSL) Simona Sunara 16-Aug-18
Pedagogy, Frameworks & Technology: Learning in the Digital Age - Part 3 Sylvia Buchanan 25-Jul-18
Academic Skills Development through Content-Based Learning in an EAP Program Tetyana Vdovina & Kiki Ernikoglou 18-Jul-18
Pedagogy, Frameworks, & Technology - Learning in the Digital Age - Part 2 Sylvia Buchanan 20-Jun-18
The Forgotten Skill - Building Vocabulary for Spoken Production Kerstin Okubo 17-Jun-18
Pedagogy, Frameworks & Technology: Learning in the Digital Age - Part 1 Sylvia Buchanan 30-May-18
Simplifying Literacy Assessment Tasks Adrienne Horvath Cortes, Alison Wilson & Serena Reis 27-May-18
Google's Blogspot for e-Portfolios and Classroom e-cosystem Joseph Ng 29-Apr-18
Teaching Intercultural Awareness and Communication ** Yecid Ortega 22-Apr-18
Pragmatics in the Adult Language Learning Classroom Jen Artan 31-Mar-18
Language Barrier and its Cognitive Consequences in the Workplace and Education Edalat Shekari 28-Mar-18
Literacy Assessment Results: Understanding The “L” Factor Janet Guppy, Esther Bruins, & Samantha Banks 21-Mar-18
An Inter-Culturally Sensitive Approach to Address ‘The Issue’ of Plagiarism ** Dr. Marlon Valencia 04-Mar-18
Hearing Rhythm, the Key to Speaking English Fluently Jacqueline Johnson 28-Feb-18
Using the Best Practices Directory of Resources ** Judith Bond 25-Feb-18
Exploring Tutela 3.0 - PBLA Resources and Webinars Diane Ramanathan 28-Jan-18
TESL Ontario: Increase Learner Engagement with Kahoot! Nancy Van Dorp 21-Jan-18
Improving Summarizing Skills to Foster Reading Comprehension Linda Hargreaves 17-Dec-17
Slow = Fast: Back-to-the-Well for Learner Success Kelly Morrissey & Dr. John Sivell 10-Dec-17
Endless Engagement for All Four Skills Through Dictation Triptychs Joseph Ng 29-Nov-17
Data-Driven Learning Lite with WordSift John Allan 22-Nov-17
Using Google Drive to Foster Independent Learning Nicole Horsley 5-Nov-17
Small Talk With a Purpose: Utilizing the Ford Method to Get Noticed Katina Deichsel 29-Oct-17
Digital Breakouts using Google Forms & Google Sites ** Jennifer Artan 24-Sep-17
Digital Autobiographical Identity Texts as a Reflective Tool in ESL Dr. James Corcoran 17-Sep-17
Google Forms – Quizzes, Data Collection & More ** Jennifer Artan 27-Aug-17
Teaching Literacy Students in a Multilevel Class Using PBLA Stephanie Leutner 20-Aug-17
Educational Technology - What’s on the Horizon for 2018 Jennifer Artan 26-Jul-17
Power Listening - Pre-Listening Strategies for Success ** Munjeera Phillips-Jefford 19-Jul-17
Perfecting Your Pitch! Captivate Your Next Potential Employer in Thirty Seconds Katina Deichsel 25-Jun-17
Activities to Enhance Vocabulary Learning  ** Cecilia Aponte-de-Hanna 21-Jun-17
Language Learning - Seven Steps to Critical and Creative Thinking Dr. Ken Beatty 24-May-17
Discussing Healthy Living Topics with ESL Learners Jodie Brant, Shannon Carney 17-May-17
Critical Thinking in a Business English Environment Atif Malik 7-May-17
How to Create an Online Shop for Your Digital ESL Courses Ronen Geisler 23-Apr-17
Six Things you Need to Use "Hot Potatoes Facelift" John Allan 29-Mar-17
What You Need to Know about Academic Writing by NS and NNS Lisa Smith 22-Mar-17
Google Slides: G Suite Tools for ESL ** Anna Bartosik 26-Feb-17
Promoting Health Information with Adult English Language Learners Jodie Brant & Shannon Carney 22-Feb-17
Google Docs: G Suite Tools for ESL  ** Jen Artan 29-Jan-17
Teacher to Teacherpreneur: How to Monetize your Professional Skills Patrice Palmer 18-Jan-17
PBLA Series, Part 6: Simplifying Receptive Assessment Tasks Adrienne Horvath Cortes & Alison Wilson & Serena Reis 7-Dec-16
Boost your PD with MOOCs John Allan 23-Nov-16
PBLA Series, Part 5: Simplifying Productive Assessment Tasks Anna Wodtka & Barbara Andrews 16-Nov-16
PBLA Series, Part 4: Strategies for Literacy Teachers Jean Campbell 30-Oct-16
Concrete Strategies to Build an Intercultural ESL/EAL Practice Geoff Lawrence 19-Oct-16
Supporting Learners with Interrupted Formal Schooling Dr. Ranya Khan 28-Sep-16
PBLA Series, Part 3: Encouraging Reflection in Learners Nancy Carey 25-Sep-16
… and Justice for All: The Social Justice Prism in ESL Yecid Ortega 21-Aug-16
PBLA Series, Part 2: The Language Companion Carolyn Flores 17-Aug-16
PBLA Series, Part 1: The Initial Student Assessment Lisa McFaul 27-Jul-16
Mental Health: Understanding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Teresa Kinney 20-Jul-16
Fostering Intentional Learning Carolyn Samuel 29-Jun-16
Getting Animated: Graphic Novels in the ESL Classroom Elaine deVries & Heather Donnelly 19-Jun-16
The Answer Isn't Important: Critical Thinking in EAP Dr. Ken Beatty 29-May-16
Blorms Alive! An E-Portfolio Suite of Assessment Tools Hala Bastawros 18-May-16
Igniting Learner Potential Through Project-Based Learning Modules Shafaque Mulla 27-Apr-16
A Quick and Dirty Approach to Spelling Judy Thompson 24-Apr-16
Creating Authentic Conversations Dr. Lilia Savova 23-Mar-16
Using OneNote for Building e-Portfolios Jen Artan 20-Mar-16
Developing e-Materials for your Classroom with “Hot Potatoes” Marjan Bateni 28-Feb-16
Understanding the Syrian Refugee Crisis Bayan Khatib 24-Feb-16
Adaptable Vocabulary Teaching Techniques Sophie Wang 24-Jan-16
Draw Me a Picture: Pronunciation Tools for Visual Learners Judy Thompson 20-Jan-16
Integrating Personal Reflection and Storytelling in the Classroom Anna Bartosik & Huong Lu 09-Dec-15
Online ESL Resources: What's worth your time? Rachel Fourny 29-Nov-15
Short but Tweet: Using Twitter in Class with Students (Part 3 of 3) Anna Bartosik 22-Nov-15
Ted Talks/Animations in your Classroom? - Create a Ted Ed Lesson John Allan 28-Oct-15
Professional Development on Twitter: Establishing your PLN (Part 2 of 3) Anna Bartosik 18-Oct-15
Sourcing Copyright Friendly Images John Allan 23-Sep-15
It's not twerking; it's just Tweeting (Part 1 of 3) Anna Bartosik 20-Sep-15
Enhancing Your Skills for Private Tutoring Carolyn Flores 26-Aug-15
Technology for Authentic Purposes Sylvia Buchanan 27-Aug-15
Tips for Teaching Business English Students & Immigrants Ric Phillips 26-Jul-15
An Introduction to Powtoon Jen Artan 22-Jul-15
Put the Power on PowerPoint Games Rita Carrasco 24-Jun-15
Online Material Development Joni Sharkey 21-Jun-15
Smartboard Technology: Explore its Many Uses (Part 2 of 2) Jen Artan 24-May-15
Mental Health in the ESL Classroom Teresa Kinney 20-May-15
Tech Ideas to Help You Interact with Your Students in a New Way Anna Bartosik 26-Apr-15
Apps for Learning English (APP-LE): How Mobile Learning can Enhance teaching and Learning in ESL Dr. Marguerite Koole & Dr. Robert Power 22-Apr-15
Tutela Resource Download Tool – Share Resources with Your Students! Diane Ramanathan 22-Mar-15
Excel Grade Spreadsheets (Part 2 of 2) Marjana Shehaj 22-Feb-15
Mobile Learning Tools Faith Marcel 25-Feb-15
Microsoft Excel - Not just for numbers Joni Sharkey 18-Jan-15
An Introduction to Smartboards (Part 1 of 2) Jen Artan 21-Jan-15
Advanced Infographics Faith Marcel 10-Dec-14
Empower your Teaching with PowerPoint Huong Lu 7-Dec-14
Intro to PowerPoint Faith Marcel 23-Nov-14
Blogging as a Reflective Writing Practice Jen Artan 26-Nov-14
Microsoft Word Newsletters Nancy Van Dorp 26-Oct-14
Teaching to the Needs Svetlana Lupasco 25-Sep-14
Working with Microsoft Word Nancy Van Dorp 14-Sep-14

** Best Practices Webinar Series




Vocabulary for CLB 1-4