Accessing Live Webinars

How to Access the TESL Ontario Live Webinars

  1. Register at (allow 2 - 3 business days for approval)
  2. Login to, click on the Groups tab, search for the TESL Ontario group, and click on Request to Join Group (allow 24 hours for approval) 
  3. To access the TESL Ontario group, under My Areas in the left navigation bar, click on Groups, then TESL Ontario
  4. Click on Events & Webinars and click on the webinar title you wish to attend.
  5. Click on Register and it will change to Registered.
  6. You will receive an email from Zoom confirming your registration. Keep this email as it contains a unique URL for you to access the live webinar.
  7. You will also receive Zoom reminder emails, one day and one hour before the start time. They include the same unique URL. 

Need Help?

Our TESL Ontario webinar team is available by email or visit our Zoom FAQ page.