About Us

TESL Ontario provides support and direction to professionals, government bodies and learners involved in English as a Second Language in Ontario.

TESL Ontario was established in 1972 as an independent not for profit association serving the professional development needs of English language educators in Ontario. The Association consists of a provincial office and 12 affiliate chapters and is governed by a nine-person board of directors.

TESL Ontario provides an accreditation system for educators working in the adult language training field and a recognition program for TESL training institutions in Ontario. The association is financially supported by membership fees, a portion of which it distributes to the affiliate chapters for local professional development activities.

TESL Ontario Vision Statement

To inspire professionals and learners through our role as a leading authority on English language education.

TESL Ontario Mission Statement

To provide support and direction to professionals, government bodies, and industry stakeholders involved in English language education

Goals and Objectives

  1. To provide opportunities for professional development for all sectors of ESL

  2. To ensure excellence in the field of Adult non-credit ESL through TESL Ontario Accreditation.

  3. To provide opportunities for linking with other ESL professional organizations, nationally and internationally through various venues such as CONTACT and the TESL Ontario web-site.

  4. To provide expertise to local, provincial and national government bodies through consultations, representation on committees, etc.

  5. To promote the development of materials which are appropriate to the needs and the culture of our client groups.

  6. To operate in a fiscally responsible manner within standard accounting practices.